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Take advantage of trustworthy Landrover or Range Rover repair services in Dubai. We are offering a free inspection for your satisfaction, we’ll let you know if the car is running according to your peace of mind. Hytec offers all kinds of repairs whether it is an electrical issue or a mechanical issue. Our certified experts for all brands fix all problems from head to toe. Experts can deal with it with the help of advanced technology whether it is an oil change service or a weird sound.

A big car as Landrover is! needs regular care and maintenance to avoid a major disaster in your car, so we offer special appointments for your vehicle’s care which remind you by a text message or a call for regular maintenance. You can sign up your car with us easily by calling or coming in to directly consult our technician.

Benefits of Land Rover repair at Hytec

We believe that your vehicle is more than just a luxury car. Rather than misuse it. We recommend more care for having a lavish car. Range Rover is the most common model people would prefer whereas it is difficult to deal with the complex architecture of this vehicle. Regular Maintenance and care can prevent major issues like engine head gasket replacement or repair, Heating issues, and cooling issues. These issues are common due to the temperature of Dubai. 

Hytec’s technicians are experts in all kinds of car repair jobs but we ask our client to have a car with love because it can go off when it is not given proper care. Brake, Suspension, transmission, and leaking repairs, etc are some repairs that can show up in your Landrover due to the sunny region. We allow all the customers to simply come in and our expert will directly coordinate with you. We are happy to help you.

We are capable of providing the best Jaguar car repair as we know Landrover and Jaguar have been merged since 2013 which is why our technicians are certified for both Jaguar and Landrover. On priority, you should protect your Porsche with the insurance plan and other warranties offered by dealerships and Porsche itself. A huge benefit is that we offer various coverage options that can help you save money and time for your car. Whether you have a new or a used Porsche we will get your vehicle on the road in no time.

Why Trust Our Garage

Preventative Maintenance, Diagnostic Services and Landrover Repairs in Dubai, UAE


Take advantage of the trustworthy and premium Landrover repair services in Dubai. You can simply come in and our Landrover expert will assist you till the end of your service and until you are satisfied with the work. As we work with insurance companies you can save money and time from your special day. Volvo car repair is a tough job which is why we have experts for complex car architecture who run special diagnostics for car repair on the other hand some special services we offer for LandRover/ RangeRover:

Land Rover Maintenance Services


Land Rover Brake Service

Hytec offers easy and convenient solutions to replace your Land Rover’s brake pads and discs.


Land Rover Steering Repair

Hytec offers easy and convenient solutions to repair your Land Rover’s Steering Issues.


Land Rover Car/AC repair Service

Hytec offers affordable solutions to repair your Land Rover Car AC issues. 


Land Rover Suspension Repair

Hytec offers realiable and convenient solutions to fix your Land Rover’s suspension Issues.


Why choose HYTEC ?


Free Inspection with Every Service

Free Inspection with Every Service

We provide free inspection services to our customer at our workshop

Skilled & Certified Professionals

Skilled & Certified Professionals

Our team is highly skillful and certified professionals

Repair Warranty

Repair Warranty

We provide Repair Warranty to our customers.

24/7 Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service

We provide 24/7 Customer service to facilitate and solve our customer problems.