Restoring Rhythm of Cars

Restoring Rhythm Of Cars


Best Car Repair Services in Dubai

Cruising in the world of car repairs can be resilient. Hytec understands the challenges you have been facing in ensuring the right care of your car. We simplify our Car Repair Services by providing imperative vehicle maintenance. We offer reliable and high-quality Auto Garage services that will bring you back to a safe journey. Let’s dig into the hidden aspect of car repair and maintenance services.

Car Inspection
Oil Leak Repair
Body Repair
Brake Repair
Suspension Repair
Engine Repair
A/C Repair
Transmission Repair

High End Brands Specialists



Get inspect your car before you meet the road, we will ensure your safety for a long journey. Hytec technicians can find any solution you may have with your car.



We are known as caretakers of cars. We keep the smoothness of your luxury car so it can run efficiently. We analyze your vehicle from top to bottom. Hytec is the best auto garage you’re looking for.



Our professionals can do any repair for your vehicle. We guarantee you the high-quality work that keeps your car in motion. We fall at the top of the chart for the best car repair services in Dubai.

Looking for an auto garage you can trust to keep your vehicles rolling?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the working hours of Hytec Auto Services in UAE?

Monday-Saturday:        8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sunday:                            Closed

How Long it takes to repair a car?

It depends on the type of car you have, but major and minor repairs or services can be told by estimated time. Minor services like oil changes and fluid changes or replacing a battery can often be done in a matter of hours. Major or complex repairs like engine problems, transmission problems, or electrical issues can take a day or more to get fully repaired. These are the majority of time estimates given by workshops. At Hytec Auto Workshop, our experienced team of specialized technicians work efficiently and make the car deliver in less time.

Does car insurance cover repairs?

Car insurance will cover repairs depends on several factors:

Cause of Damage:

  • Covered Perils:

Your insurance usually covers car repairs for damages caused by accidents, theft, fire and vandalism, fire, hail, or failing objects.

  • Excluded Perils:

Damages caused by mechanical breakdown and routine wear and tear are not covered under the insurance.

  • At-fault vs not-at-fault:

In an accidental situation, your insurance company will cover your damage if the accident was not your fault, If the accident was your fault then your company will cover other's damages caused by you.

If you are looking to bring back the beauty of your car. Hytec Auto Worksop is the right place to believe, we can make your car new in no time. We stand at the top of the chart for body works repair services in Dubai.

Types of coverage:

  • Collision:

Any damage to your car caused by another object regardless of fault, will be covered by your insurance company.

  • Comprehensive:

Theft, Vandalism, fire, and hail are all non-collision accidents, these are all covered under the insurance.

Hytec car repair company coordinates with any insurance company to bring your vehicle back to the road. We guarantee you a safe journey with our maintenance services.

How much does it cost for Car maintenance and repair?

Some important factors of car maintenance and repair costs are:

Type of Car: Usually luxury cars cost more to maintain and repair. So it depends on the Make and Model of the vehicle. Hytec offers a range of daily routine maintenance starting at 0 AED for car inspection. Hytec deals with all car brands like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, and other brands.

Age of the Car: Old cars may need more repair so they may require expensive parts. Hytec has the best Auto repair services in Dubai. We can provide you with services at a fair price so you can save your time and money.

Higher Mileage: More mileage needs more wear and tear. A car with high mileage may need more repair and maintenance. Cost depends on the car’s repair and maintenance services it will take.

Specific Maintenance: Routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotation are inexpensive. While if you need specific major car repairs or engine replacement it will be very expensive for you.

Labor Cost:  Despite all repairs and services there must be a small part of labor cost. Hytec has a charges fair cost. 

How to choose the best car repair workshop in Dubai?

You should follow these steps to choose the best car repair in Dubai.

  • Search on Google for the best car repair and maintenance workshop or Auto Garage. You might see Hytec Auto Service or some other websites after clicking the search button. You can visit the website and see the repair services we provide for multiple car brands at affordable prices.  
  • You must see if the workshop has certified technicians for your car brand who can assist you in a better way. Hytec Auto workshop is the most reliable place to take care of your car, where they have a team of several certified car specialists who can repair your car in no time with a guarantee. Hytec deals with all kinds of collision issues and coordinates with all insurance companies.
  • Look, if the workshop’s pricing is fair. That is why Hytec technicians give you a fair and free estimate on your specific car repair so the customer can negotiate on it and approve it.
  • Last but not least, watch if the Auto repair shop offers open emergency appointments or walk-in appointments.

After going through the steps you can see Hytec Auto Service workshop is a better choice to trust for your vehicle. Contact us and avail the opportunity to speak with one of the best car brand specialists. Or just come in and experience the difference. 

In the UAE, which areas does Hytec provide repair services in?

Hytec Auto Service is known for providing the most reliable, convenient, and efficient repair service in the UAE. Location is the big reason behind it. Hytec Auto Garage is providing repair services in 7 Emirates. Those emirates are prioritized in such order:

  • Dubai
  • Sharjah
  • Ajman
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Ras al Khaimah
  • Fujairah
  • Umm al Quwain


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