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Leading Auto Body Shop in Dubai

Hytec Auto Body Shop is an ideal solution for your wrecked car, which is known for its comprehensive auto body services divided into major and minor auto body repairs. We treat your vehicle beyond ordinary attention. Thus, our expertise forces us to restore the rhythm and beauty of your car. 

The luxury car demands the hands of a professional. Where Hytec is offering special treatments for your car to restore luxury. From car color change to an outer body rebuild we provide a guarantee of our work and parts.

Hy Tech Auto Body Services

Are you looking for complete Auto Body Service in Dubai? You just landed at the right place. We offer Accident Repair, Chassis Repair, Auto Detailing and all other types of Auto Body Services in Dubai

Accident/Collision Repairing
Peelable paint
Scratch Removal & Paint
PPF (Paint Protection Film)
Windshield Repair
Car Tinting
Under coating- Rust proofing
Show grill Repair
Car ceramic coating
Sunroof repair

Hy Tech Auto Body Services

Car Accident Repair

Our complete car accident repair plan protects our reliability. Whether it’s a minor accident or a major one, we at Hytec Auto Body Shop provide the best quality service with the help of your insurance company, so you can save money and time.

Car Painting Service

Auto Painting Service requires an artist, whether it is your old car or a new car Hytec specialists can heal scars on your car whether it is a scratch or a part needed to paint. From a door dent to a bumper repair our specialist will fix it in no time.

Alloy Wheel Painting

Car modification shows your love for the car. Every car lover wants to customize its part. The alloy wheel is one of them. To get top-quality shiny alloy wheels with painted rims service, you can come straight to us.

Brake Calipers Painting Service

Same as the car painting service, the brake calipers painting service also needs an auto paint artist. Get the guaranteed painting service at Hytec Auto Body workshop. Choose a color choice and consider the job done.

Detailing / Polishing / Head Lights Restoration

Detailing a car is a major service people get. You can get a comprehensive detailed report from our technicians about your car. Foremost, rough surfaces are not preferred which is why Hytec offers car interior and exterior polishing to remove the dust and smell. We offer efficient headlight restoration services.

Wind Screen / Auto Glass Replacement

Providing the best windscreen/auto glass replacement and repair in Dubai. At Hytec AutoBody Shop we work with the insurance companies and other car plans to replace or repair the windshield, whether it is front or back.

Looking for a place you can trust to keep your vehicles rolling.