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Are you seeking Dodge repair services in Dubai? No doubt trucks are a big help for every person in many aspects. Therefore no matter whether you have a Dodge van, SUV, or truck our certified Dodge specialists are a big help in maintaining the pace of your vehicle. With the help of our superior and new technology for trucks, whether an ordinary-use truck or a chassis, our technicians will leave no trace of any issue.

Driving your Dodge truck on a sunny day in Dubai can give you a red flag. Hytec specialists always seek to help our customers. We offer special appointments for your Dodge’s care which remind you by a text message or a call for regular maintenance. You can sign up your car with us easily by calling or coming in to directly consult our technician.

Benefits of Dodge repair at Hytec

Dodge vehicles are known for their durability and performance. One of the most important aspects of the vehicle repair is an oil change. To keep your vehicle smooth you should get regular maintenance for your Dodge. This is necessary to prevent inconvenience. At our Dodge repair workshop, we are dedicated to providing top-notch services for your vehicle whether it is a maintenance service or any other complex service. 

After the oil change another task is essential, which is the air filter checking and changing. A clean air filter allows the oil to provide better fuel efficiency and protect the engine from dirt. Last but not least the most important aspect is the tire maintenance of Dodge. This issue gets ignored from most of the workshops but it does make a difference in the overall health and performance of the vehicle. Our Dodge specialists are providing the most reliable and guaranteed repair services in Dubai. 

Talking about the trucks how we can forget about Ram. That is why Hyetc is offering the most convenient Ram repair services in Dubai. Hytec offers regular appointments according to the Make and Model of the vehicle so you can prevent major repair services by getting minor services. Our appointment plan includes an auto-generated message that can alert you about your car.

Why Trust Our Garage

Preventative Maintenance, Diagnostic Services and Dodge Repairs in Dubai, UAE


Choosing us for your Dodge repair service gives you a big edge over your vehicle’s health. Our team has the most experienced Dodge and other truck specialists who give special attention to your vehicle and make sure that your vehicle gets the most reliable service under the supervision of the Service Manager. The same procedure is followed for Jeep which is why we are providing Jeep repair services at your one stop. We provide some special services for Dodge:

Dodge Maintenance Services in Dubai


Dodge Brake Service

Hytec offers affordable solutions to repair your Dodge brake pad and discs. 


Dodge Steering Repair

Hytec offers affordable solutions to repair your Dodge Car Steering issues. 


Dodge Car/ AC repair Service

Hytec offers affordable solutions to repair your Dodge Car AC issues. 


Dodge Suspension Repair

Hytec offers affordable solutions to repair your Dodge Suspension Repair issues. 

Why choose HYTEC ?


Free Inspection with Every Service

Free Inspection with Every Service

We provide free inspection services to our customer at our workshop

Skilled & Certified Professionals

Skilled & Certified Professionals

Our team is highly skillful and certified professionals

Repair Warranty

Repair Warranty

We provide Repair Warranty to our customers.

24/7 Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service

We provide 24/7 Customer service to facilitate and solve our customer problems.