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Expert Mechanics for Audi AC Repair in Dubai


Summer is about to begin. It’s the season for driving to the sea, but air conditioning is essential for a comfortable drive. An Audi comes into inventory with symptoms such as the air conditioner not working well, or rather, not working at all. Hytec Auto Shop is where you can get the most truthful Audi AC repair in Dubai. If your Audi is not blowing air or cold air or if there is any problem with air refrigerant you can trust Hytec’s certified Audi mechanics. 

In Audi, you often notice your air conditioner malfunctioning due to the following symptoms.

  • Air conditioner doesn’t turn on
  • Air conditioner doesn’t work
  • Hot air comes out from the air conditioner
  • There is a strange noise from the air conditioner

However, many people may feel anxious when it comes to repairs, as the repair methods and costs vary depending on the cause. Therefore, this time, an active mechanic explains in an easy-to-understand manner the causes of air conditioner failures that occur in Audis and the repair costs. an active mechanic will

Please note that this content applies to all Audis (A1, A5, A6, A8, Q7, etc.), so please read it to the end.

If you are having trouble with your air conditioner, such as the air conditioner not cooling down even when you turn it on or making strange noises, please contact the Audi Repair shop in Dubai. As a specialist shop with over 30 years of experience and advanced technical capabilities, we promise high-quality, low-cost repairs for everything from compressor defects to control system failures.

Common causes of air conditioner failure in Audis

The following are the most common causes of air conditioner failure in Audis.

  • Defective compressor
  • Defective control system parts
  • Deterioration of consumables such as seals

Defective compressor

The most common cause of Audi air conditioner failure is a defective compressor. is a faulty compressor. Seizing may cause malfunctions and abnormal noises, and if the air conditioner does not operate properly, it may become less effective or stop working at all.

Heat in the engine compartment and vibrations caused by driving can also cause deterioration of surrounding parts and consumables, so even if the compressor is the cause, it is often not enough to just replace it.

Defective control system parts

Audi air conditioner failures are not limited to the refrigerant system, but one of the causes is defective parts in the control system, as shown in the example below.

  • Pressure sensor switch (pressure switch)
  • Controller unit
  • relay
  • Semiconductor temperature sensor, etc.

Although refrigerant system problems are decreasing with newer types due to advances in technology, control system failures are unavoidable. Even if you fix the compressor problem, if your Audi air conditioner does not work properly, it is a good idea to be suspicious.

Deterioration of consumables such as seals

When an Audi’s air conditioner malfunctions, gas leaks, or the system is not controlled properly due to deterioration of consumables such as seals. Since this is caused by the deterioration of consumables, most cases can be improved by replacing them.

However, in cases where the engine continues to run in a state where it is not working properly, there is a possibility that surrounding parts are also affected, and if the compressor is defective, the increase tends to be high.

How to prevent Audi air conditioner failure?

As a way to prevent your Audi’s air conditioner from malfunctioning, have it regularly refilled with gas and vacuumed.

Vacuuming is a method of replacing all the air conditioner gas inside in order to remove impurities contained in the gas. Approximately 30 to 50g of air conditioner gas is naturally lost every year, so replenishment is essential. If you replace them regularly in anticipation of the season, it will be easier to maintain the temperature of the cold air at an appropriate temperature and reduce the load on surrounding parts. It is also important to have regular inspections and replacement of consumables during daily maintenance. 

For example, when a compressor malfunctions and is repaired, surrounding parts and consumables that have deteriorated at the same time are often unable to withstand normal operation and become susceptible to damage one after another.

Routine maintenance helps maintain these parts and consumables, so it’s a preventative measure you should take to ensure you can continue driving your car for a long time.

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If any of the following symptoms occur, we recommend that you have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. Examples of symptoms caused by air conditioner malfunction

  • Air conditioner doesn’t turn on
  • Air conditioner doesn’t work
  • Hot air comes out from the air conditioner
  • There is a strange noise from the air conditioner

To prevent air conditioner malfunctions that occur in your Audi, be sure to have them regularly inspected and replaced with consumables as part of your daily maintenance routine.

For inspection, and Audi AC repair services, and customization of your Audi, please contact Hytec Auto Services, an Audi specialty store with over 30 years of experience. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, we respond to customer requests from used car sales to vehicle inspections, inspections, breakdown repairs, and tuning.


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