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Hytec Guide to Pre Purchase Car Inspection in Dubai

pre purchase car inspection dubai


Are you going to buy a used car in Dubai? and you dont know how to check a car before buying, If yes, you should get a pre purchase car inspection for the car you will buy. This process is essential to ensure that the car is in optimal condition or if it is involved in any crime. This process prevents any major risks. This detailed guide will acknowledge the complications of finding a expert car mechanic for a pre purchase car inspection and will help you locate one.

Why Getting a Pre Purchase Car Inspection in Dubai?

Before we dig into the details of searching for a mechanic, you should understand the importance of getting a Pre-buy car inspection. A thoroughly asked question is, “Why we should get the Pre Purchase Car Inspection?”. The rough and hot climate of Dubai, UAE affects the performance and longevity of the car. A detailed inspection is done by the mechanic so no issues can be hidden from you, saving you from unexpected repair costs and preventing inconvenience while on the road. Therefore you can make a clear decision if you want to buy a car or not. Here is why pre purchase inspection is essential:

  1. Uncover Hidden issues
  2. Negotiate for a fair price after knowing the hidden issues
  3. Avoid post-purchase repairs
  4. Gain valuable insight

Our car’s Experts Checklist in
pre Buy Second Hand Car Inspection

Category Services Description Common Possible Issues
Exterior Visual Inspection Paintwork, body panels, trim, glass, wheels, lights, undercarriage Dents, scratches, rust, leaks, mismatched panels, missing trim, cracked/foggy lights
Panel Gap Measurement Consistent gaps between body panels Unrepaired accident damage, poor repair work
Paint Thickness Gauge Reading Paint thickness compared to original specs Bodywork repairs, potential hidden damage
VIN Verification Matching VIN on all major components Odometer tampering, stolen vehicle
Tire Inspection Tread depth, wear pattern, damage, age Unsafe tire condition, uneven wear, potential alignment issues
Wheel Inspection Balance, alignment, condition Bent wheels, vibration, poor handling
Fluid Leaks Check for leaks from engine, transmission, differential Potential internal damage, maintenance neglect
Interior Visual Inspection Seats, upholstery, dashboard, trim, headliner, carpets Stains, tears, cracks, missing components, water damage, odor
Electrical System Lights, power windows, seats, audio system, air conditioning Malfunctioning components, potential wiring issues
Instrumentation Gauges, warning lights, odometer Inaccurate readings, malfunctioning components
Seat Functionality Adjustability, heating/cooling functions Worn-out mechanisms, broken components
Air Conditioning & Heating Performance, temperature control Inefficient operation, potential mechanical issues
Safety Features Seatbelts, airbags, ABS, traction control Malfunctioning components, potential safety hazards
Odor Detection Smoking, mildew, other unusual smells Leaks, water damage, hidden problems

Finding the Right Mechanic

Now, After understanding the importance of getting a pre purchase car inspection. We will delve into the frequently asked question “How to find a mechanic for a pre purchase car inspection?”. The first of finding the mechanic is that we should know what type of inspection we need. There are 3 types of inspection and are cost-effective according to their specialty.

  1. Basic Inspection:  This is a simple inspection where a mechanic checks fluid levels, engine health, and the body of the vehicle ( if the vehicle was collided or painted in the past ).
  2. Comprehensive Inspection: This inspection includes the service provided in basic inspection but some other services are provided like Detailed Computer Diagnostic, paint thickness gauge reading, and a detailed undercarriage examination.
  3. Special Inspection: This inspection focuses on specific areas like the luxury or comfort of the car, the performance of the car, or inspection services that can be taken specifically for sports or classic cars.

Some of the Car repair workshops provide free car Inspection services in Dubai. Where Hytec Auto Services is one of them providing free inspection for second-hand cars with the help of certified mechanics.

Important key Factors to Consider While Choosing a Mechanic:

After knowing that a used car buyer must know the credentials for choosing a mechanic. Those credentials are:

Certification: A buyer must ensure that the mechanic or a technician is certified for a pre-purchase car check.

Transparent: A reliable and honest mechanic will be transparent for his inspection. This means that he must deliver all the details to the buyer in a way that he/she can understand.

Thoroughness: A reliable pre-purchase vehicle inspection covers all major and minor aspects, including the services mentioned in the comprehensive inspection.

Two Other Credentials That are Recommended

Experience and Reputation: A technician having expertise in pre-buy car inspection is preferable and you can see his experience by his reputation from his track record.

Technology: A mechanic with advanced technology can inspect the vehicle more deeply.

Where You can Find the Expert Mechanic?

Online platform: In this digital era, many of the platforms make business easy. You can search for a specialized technician for a pre-purchase car in Dubai. Where Hytec Auto body Workshop has certified mechanics who can help you in buying a used car. Visit our website and contact us for your first free inspection.

Ask for Recommendations: Dive into your social network and contact your relatives who have experience in getting a pre-purchased vehicle inspection in Dubai.

Visit Local Auto Shop:

Local Auto workshops offer pre-purchase inspections, you should visit a car repair shop and check the credentials for selecting the mechanics and check the cost they require.

Our Additional Vehicle Inspection Services with estimated Prices in Dubai

A secret Information that I am going to reveal about the additional service provided by mechanics in second hand pre-buy vehicle inspection and their estimated prices.

Category Service Description Possible Issues Price Range (AED)
Engine & Drivetrain Compression Test Measures engine cylinder pressure Worn piston rings, valves, or head gasket 275-550
Leakdown Test Identifies specific leaks in the combustion chamber Cracks in pistons, valves, or cylinder head 375-750
Borescope Inspection Internal visual inspection of cylinders and valves Damage to pistons, valves, or cylinder walls 550-1100
Transmission Fluid Analysis Analyzes color, smell, and metal content of transmission fluid Internal wear, overheating, contamination 185-275
Differential Fluid Analysis Analyze condition of differential fluid Gear wear, contamination 110-185
Electrical & Electronics Battery Load Test Measures battery health and charging system performance Weak battery, faulty alternator or voltage regulator 185-275
Electrical System Check Tests all major electrical components and wiring Faulty wiring, shorts, corrosion 375-750
Computerized Diagnostics Scans computer system for fault codes Engine, transmission, or other electronic issues 275-550
Test Drive & Performance Extended Test Drive Drive the car under various conditions (highway, city, hills) Performance issues, handling problems, suspension concerns Included with PPI, sometimes extra charge
Dyno Test (limited availability) Measures engine horsepower and torque Engine performance potential, hidden mechanical issues 750-1850
History & Records Vehicle History Report Detailed report on accidents, ownership, odometer checks, recalls Unreported accidents, odometer tampering, potential liens 95-185
Title Check Verifies vehicle ownership and lien status Fraudulent title, salvage title 95-185
Specific Inspections Pre-purchase inspection for specific car types (e.g., hybrids, luxury cars) Specialized inspection based on specific car features and common issues Varies depending on complexity
Pre-Purchase Inspection for specific uses (e.g., off-road vehicles, towing vehicles) Tailored inspection focusing on relevant components and potential wear Varies depending on complexity

We Offer Inspection to All Car Brands

Now finding a multiple-brand Pre-Purchase vehicle inspection is easy with the help of Hytec Mechanics, as they are an independent Auto center that deal with various brands. Some of the center services we provide are

  • Audi Pre purchase inspection
  • Mercedes Pre purchase inspection
  • Maserati Pre purchase inspection
  • BMW Pre purchase inspection
  • Rolls Royce Pre purchase inspection
  • Lamborghini Pre purchase inspection
  • Bentley Pre purchase inspection
  • Ferrari Pre purchase inspection
  • Range Rover Pre purchase inspection
  • Porsche Pre purchase inspection
  • Mini Cooper Pre purchase inspection
  • Volkswagen Pre purchase inspection
  • Chrysler Pre purchase inspection

Common Questions People Ask About Pre-Purchase Inspections

1. How much does a pre-purchase car inspection cost in Dubai?

Some inspections are free but the comprehensive inspections cost up to AED 250.

2. What Happens After the Inspection?

A mechanic will deliver a detailed report in which all the issues will be mentioned so the buyer can negotiate with the seller of the car.

3. What should be included in a pre-purchase car inspection report?

A detailed report should cover the following things:

  • Vehicle information
  • Visual inspection
  • Mechanical checks
  • Diagnostic scans
  • Undercarriage inspection
  • Test drive
  • Estimated repair costs

4. How Long it will take for inspection?

Generally, it takes a few hours but it depends on the type of inspection the mechanics is doing.

5. Can I be present during the Pre-Purchase Inspection?

It is recommended to be present during the inspection so you can ask the questions you want, it gives the peace of mind about the car and knows the issues of the car so you can negotiate on the price with the seller.


Getting a used car pre-inspection is not necessary but very helpful for a buyer in some aspects. Investing your time and money in the pre-purchase car inspection in Dubai gives you peace of mind in result, so you can make a clear decision. By following the given guide you will be one step away from buying a safe and convenient car. You’ll confidently drive away in a used car.

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