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A Comprehensive Guide to Car Oil Change Service

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It can be difficult to understand why oil change services are necessary, but leaving them unattended can cause your car to malfunction. This comprehensive guide will demonstrate the process of oil change, enabling you to make correct decisions and keep your vehicle running like the best car. Whether you’re a seasonal car user or a first-time car owner, hurry up and prepare to unlock the secrets to maintaining a healthy engine – one oil change at a time!

The life-saving drinking habit might just be a regular oil change service. But navigating the world of consistent steps, filter choices, and service options can feel like searching for a secret remedy. Don’t worry, driver! This blog is your comprehensive guide to unlocking the secrets of oil changes.

To make your car last longer, understand oil changes and change them at an appropriate frequency. Auto Oil Change service revolves around some of the common questions asked these days. As follows :

oil change service dubai
  • Why do you need a car oil change?
  • What happens if I don’t change the oil?
  • What is the appropriate frequency for oil changes?
  • Some others

It can be difficult to understand why oil changes are necessary, but leaving them unattended can cause your car to malfunction. After reading this blog, you will understand the importance of changing your oil. To make your car last longer, understand oil changes and change them at an appropriate frequency.

First, we Introduce two Reasons Why You Should Change your Oil.

1. Engine Protection

It can protect the engine’s internal parts from wear and foreign objects. Oil also has cooling properties, which help prevent the engine from overheating with the assistance of an engine oil change service. In simple terms, engine oil protects your car’s heart in two main ways:

  • Oil helps in preventing metal-to-metal contact and reduces wear and tear.
  • Heat removal and cleaning:

As the engine heats up the oil absorbs the heat and prevents it from overheating. On the other hand, oil absorbs dirt and debris acting as a filter to keep the engine.

2. Improved Oil Efficiency

Oil also affects fuel efficiency. Oil that is dirty or deteriorated will cause the engine not to rotate smoothly, resulting in poor fuel efficiency. The reason behind it is that when the oil becomes thicker due to the dirt it allows the other parts to increase the friction that makes the engine push harder and put a load on it.

Replacing the oil with new oil lubricates the engine, improving fuel efficiency. The clean oil flows smoothly, which makes the engine healthy and reduces friction.

Car Oil Change

What will Happen if you don’t Change the Oil?

If the oil is not changed, the engine will fail in the worst-case scenario. Replacing the engine costs more than 15000 AED for a passenger car in Dubai, so I would like to avoid it. If you continue to use deteriorated oil, the following symptoms will occur.

1. Accelerated wear in the engine

Many parts inside the engine are made of metal. As the oil deteriorates, parts tend to come into contact with each other, which gradually wears out and shortens the life of the engine. This symptom is directly signing towards the friction mechanism in the engine. That is why changing the oil is necessary for preventing the engine from serious damage.

2. Engine Overheating

Oil has the effect of cooling a hot engine. If you neglect to change the oil, the cooling effect of the oil will decrease, causing the engine to heat up and increase the risk of overheating. As we know oil acts as a filter by absorbing the heat of the engine and it has a limit when it is also absorbing dirt and debris which makes the oil thicker and increase the friction between parts.

3. Dirt and Corrosion progress

As it deteriorates, the dirt and wear particles contained in the oil increase. If left unattended, dirt may cause damage to engine parts or malfunction. New and clean oil can help the engine to run smoothly and reduce the friction between the parts, which is the big reason that prevents the engine from seizing.

How to Drive to Degrade Engine Oil?

Before I tell you about the frequency of oil changes, I would like to introduce how to drive to cause deterioration. With this in mind, I will write about the frequency of oil changes.

1. Idling for a long time

The temperature of the oil rises faster during idling than when driving, which can shorten the life of the oil. During normal driving, engine oil circulates freely, absorbing heat and carrying it away to be released by the radiator. This maintains a healthy oil temperature range. However, idling disrupts this flow. With the engine spinning slowly and with less air circulation, oil gets trapped in the engine, leading to faster and more significant temperature spikes.

2. Sudden start, sudden stop

When the engine is under load, the temperature inside the engine increases, making the oil more likely to deteriorate. Particularly when driving with sudden starts and stops, the deterioration progresses. Frequent sudden starts and stops, like in city traffic, can wear down your engine oil faster than cruising on the highway. Some of the reasons are:

  1. Heat and Pressure Build-Up
  2. Rapid Deterioration
  3. Friction Increase from Deterioration

3. Harsh driving environment

Driving on highways for long periods or driving on roads with sharp curves such as mountain roads can cause oil to deteriorate more easily. Driving on highways can put stress on the engine from Heat Generation and reduce Oil Flow. While driving on mountains, the sharp turns create intense lateral G-force pushing the oil away from the parts like bearings, and braking due to the steeps.

4. A little ride

If the mileage is short, the engine will run at a lower temperature than it should. When the oil temperature is low, continuing to operate with low lubrication performance becomes a burden and leads to oil deterioration. Where vehicles are equipped with high-output engines and turbo engines. High power places a large load on the engine oil.

5. High-temperature and humidity

Summer in Dubai, UAE can be unavoidable, but the high temperature and humidity also affect oil.  Summer temperatures naturally accelerate oil breakdown and oxidation. Dubai’s high humidity adds another layer of complexity:

  • Moisture Intrusion
  • Fuel Dilution (thins the oil)

Oil Change Frequency

Hytec Auto Service recommends a car oil change once every 5000km or once a year. Depending on how you ride, the oil can last a long time, but it can be difficult to check the condition of the oil just by looking at its color. Therefore, the total distance is set at 5000km. Some Standard Recommendations are:

Modern vehicles: Many manufacturers now recommend oil change intervals between 7,500km and 15,000km, or even longer, depending on the oil type used (conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend).Factors to consider: These recommendations consider factors like improved engine technology, advances in oil formulations, and typical driving conditions.

How to Judge Oil Change Other than Usage Period and Distance?

Generally, replacement is considered based on the period of use and mileage, but depending on the condition of the engine, early replacement or repair may be necessary.

1. Checking the oil level

This makes it easy to check the amount and makes it difficult to judge the color. If you find that the amount has decreased significantly, there may be an oil leak. Consult a mechanic before engine trouble occurs.

2. Engine vibration and noise

If the engine noise or vibration becomes louder or feels weaker, or if the engine starts slowly, the engine oil may be the cause. There may be other causes, so please consult a factory with a mechanic.

Oil Element Replacement Frequency

The oil element acts like a filter, removing foreign objects and dirt from the oil. It is said that the same timing as an oil change is a good time. If you change your oil frequently, we recommend changing your oil once every 5000km. If you need a car oil change and filter change in Dubai, UAE, leave it to Hytec Auto Services! When it comes to reliability and trust, our customers are always happy.

At Hytec Auto Service, we not only provide oil changes, but we also have excellent mechanics and sheet metal painters, we provide the best car battery replacement and engine oil leakage repair services. We are always happy to consult with you about any of our vehicle repair services that assist your car for smooth driving.

Car Oil Change Prices in Dubai

In a place like Dubai, cars are gemstones to people and Dubai’s name is on the list of places having the most luxurious cars. Some of the known and famous brands are being searched daily like Mercedes Oil change services in Dubai and other brands. People are curious about the oil change prices in Dubai. So here is a list of estimated prices for various brands:

BrandsModel RangeEngine Oil TypePrice Range (AED)
Rolls RoyceAllSynthetic1,500 – 3,000+
LamborghiniAllSynthetic1,000 – 2,500+
BugattiAllSynthetic2,000 – 5,000+
MercedesStandardSynthetic500 – 1,200
MercedesAMGSynthetic700 – 1,500+
FordMost modelsConventional/Synthetic Blend250 – 500
FordPerformance models (Mustang, etc.)Synthetic350 – 600
ChevyMost modelsConventional/Synthetic Blend200 – 400
ChevyPerformance models (Corvette, Camaro)Synthetic300 – 550
TeslaAllElectric vehicle, no oil change requiredN/A
ToyotaMost modelsConventional/Synthetic Blend150 – 350
ToyotaLexus modelsSynthetic Blend/Full Synthetic300 – 500
HyundaiMost modelsConventional/Synthetic Blend150 – 300
HyundaiGenesis modelsSynthetic Blend/Full Synthetic250 – 450
SubaruMost modelsSynthetic Blend/Full Synthetic200 – 400
SubaruPerformance models (WRX STI)Full Synthetic300 – 500

These were some important brands with their oil change prices. These prices are for independent car repair workshops, where brand workshop rates are more than these. That is why Hytec Auto Service the independent shop is providing trustworthy and affordable service in 7 major emirates of UAE.

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