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Mercedes Brake Repair Dubai


Mercedes Brake Repair Service in Dubai


You can feel at ease if you have your Mercedes brakes repaired, once every two years by undergoing vehicle inspection at Hytec auto shop, which involves thoroughly disassembling the brakes, removing rust, and refueling. First, enjoy the real Mercedes-Benz brakes. However, replacing all parts with genuine parts does not mean that they are genuine parts; we must remove rust from the mating surfaces of the hubs, calipers, etc., and do a clean job to prevent even a few millimeters of foreign matter from biting. Moreover, it can only be called genuine after proper lubrication and screw tightening.

Parts of Brake in Mercedes-Benz that has Huge Role

Brake Pads

The wear of brake pads depends on the annual mileage, but the Mercedes repair store recommends replacing them after half the time. Wear rate calculations differ between urban and rural areas. As for Dubai, in the sandy area brake pads wear out more quickly. If you replace it at the time of vehicle inspection, we will remove it and clean it, so there will be no replacement fee. Leave the selection of brake pads to our certified Mercedes mechanic. Our local Mercedes mechanic in Dubai will help you by providing the best Mercedes brake repair services. However, Mercedes brakes emphasize performance, so genuine pads and rotors will stain the wheels.

Brake Rotors

As the brake rotor wears down, even genuine brake rotors will begin to make a squeaking noise. When applying the brakes, the sensation of your foot being pushed back from the pedal is called judder. If you notice any judder in your brakes, we recommend replacing all four wheels, as the parts will develop a habit. Also, if you continue to ride the judder as it is, the bushings around the suspension will be damaged, so recommended early repair to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Brake Calipers

Before knowing about the brake calipers you must see, what is brake seizure? When the brake caliper becomes rusty and the caliper piston stops moving, this is called brake seizure. When seizing occurs, the brake is constantly applied and drags, and in the worst case, it can cause vapor lock or fade, which is dangerous. Burn-in is more likely to occur when you only use the foot brake on a long downhill slope or when you run aggressively such as in a race.

(The heat will cause the rubber seal to fall apart.) If the piston is defective, we can also use an aftermarket product. Please contact us for parts prices and you can schedule your appointment for Mercedes-Benz maintenance in Dubai.

Mercedes Models we deal with for Brake Repair and Replacement

Our certified Mercedes mechanics can deal with all these Mercedes models. They can also deal with the old Mercedes models in any repair. These mechanics are certified for all the pre-purchase Mercedes inspections in Dubai, no matter if you have an old or a new car. Some models of Mercedes are mentioned below:

  • | Mercedes A-Class (Hatchback & Sedan) |
  • | Mercedes C-Class (Sedan & Wagon) |
  • | Mercedes CLA-Class (Sedan & Wagon) |
  • | Mercedes E-Class (Sedan & Wagon) |
  • | Mercedes S-Class (Sedan, also available in plug-in hybrid) |
  • | Mercedes EQA |
  • | Mercedes EQB |
  • | Mercedes EQC |
  • | Mercedes EQA SUV |
  • | Mercedes GLC |
  • | Mercedes GLC Coupe |
  • | Mercedes GLA |
  • | Mercedes GLB |
  • | Mercedes G-Class |
  • | Mercedes GLE |
  • | Mercedes GLE Coupe |
  • | Mercedes GLS |
  • | Mercedes Maybach S-Class |

Mercedes Maintenance and Repair Services

Hytec Auto Workshop provides all Mercedes service that allows you to cover all the repairing and replacement issues under your maintenance plan or insurance plan. All the services are done successfully with the help of certified local Mercedes specialists. Services that we provide for Mercedes are:

  • Mercedes Brake Repair/ Replacement
  • Mercedes Steering Repair
  • Mercedes Car AC Repair/Service
  • Mercedes Coolant Leak Repair
  • Mercedes Car Overheating Repair
  • Mercedes Car Electrical Repair
  • Mercedes Engine Repair
  • Mercedes Injector Service
  • Mercedes Suspension Repair
  • Mercedes Transmission/Gearbox Repair
  • Mercedes Oil Leak Repair
  • Mercedes Major/Minor Services
  • Mercedes Auto Body Shop
  • Mercedes Inspection/Diagnostics
  • Mercedes Fuel Pump Replacement
  • Mercedes Engine Kit Replacement


Mercedes brake repair is the responsibility of the user. In particular, brakes are an essential function for driving a car safely, so be sure to check them regularly and replace them as soon as possible if you notice any wear.

Hytec vehicle inspections have a proven track record at the lowest prices in the industry, and we offer free loaner cars and excellent services. We also offer a speedy “one-day vehicle inspection” service, which can be used even by those in a hurry. You can get tip-top services for Mercedes at a fair cost in Dubai. Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

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