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There is no power, the oil is low, the water is low, white smoke comes from the muffler, there is an oil leak, feeling a big shock when changing from N to D, having a time lag when changing from N to D or R. If you are experiencing symptoms such as not shifting smoothly or not shifting at all, you must look for the Bentley transmission repair in Dubai. Heavy maintenance of transmissions, and engines, is possible at the Bentley Repair shop in Dubai.

Along with the engine, the transmission or Automatic Transmission is the main engine of a car.

If it breaks down, not only will the car become unable to drive, but depending on the timing of the breakdown, it could lead to a serious accident.

5 symptoms that occur when a Bentley Transmission Malfunctions

  • Even when you step on the accelerator, it becomes difficult to transmit power (slippage)
  • I feel an abnormal noise or vibration when shifting gears
  • Fuel consumption gets worse
  • If there’s a strange smell
  • Poor gear shifting

Three reasons why a Bentley’s transmission malfunctions

Now, I will mention some examples that are the causes of AT transmission failures that cause such symptoms. Even if you don’t usually pay attention to it, you may have noticed some unexpected causes.

In addition, any cause will require repair or replacement of the transmission itself, and if left untreated, it will lead to engine and suspension failure.

  • Car lifespan (age deterioration)
  • Transmission Fluid or AT Fluid malfunction
  • Accumulation of damage due to unreasonable driving

Bentley Overhauling

Overhaul refers to disassembling and cleaning multiple parts such as the engine and transmission, and replacing internal parts at the same time.

In other words, the breakdown includes the cost of removing the broken AT transmission from the car, the cost of the overhaul itself, and the cost of parts inside the transmission to be replaced.

Because of this, it is a large-scale work, so not only the cost of parts but also the labor costs tend to be high. You can contact us for prices and your free inspection appointment.

All Bentley Transmission Repair Services

Whether you need a Transmission replacement or you need a Bentley gearbox expert in Dubai, the independent Bentley Repair Workshop will always help you. Their certified mechanics provide all Bentley transmission repairs and services for all Bentley models in Dubai UAE. The procedure starts with diagnostics, they Repair your Bentley Gearbox / Transmission properly with professional computerized tools and manually, they provide the best quality repair service in Dubai by maintaining low cost for their customers. They specialize in Bentley Transmission replacement, Bentley Transmission change, Bentley air Transmission rebuild, Bentley Transmission replacement, Bentley Transmission Service, and repair specialist garages in Dubai.

Bentley Maintenance and Repair Services

Hytec Auto Workshop provides all Bentley repair and services that allow you to cover all the repairing and replacement issues under your maintenance plan or insurance plan. All the services are done successfully with the help of certified Bentley specialists. Services that we provide for Bentley are:

  • Bentley Brake Repair/ Replacement¬†
  • Bentley Steering Repair
  • Bentley Car AC Repair/Service
  • Bentley Coolant Leak Repair
  • Bentley Car Overheating Repair
  • Bentley Car Electrical Repair
  • Bentley Engine Repair
  • Bentley Injector Service
  • Bentley Suspension Repair
  • Bentley Gearbox Repair/Transmission Repair
  • Bentley Oil Leak Repair
  • Bentley Major/Minor Services
  • Bentley Auto Body Shop
  • Bentley Inspection/Diagnostics
  • Bentley Fuel Pump Replacement
  • Bentley Engine Kit Replacement


If you are a Bentley driver, please feel free to contact us to receive accurate service with excellent vehicle maintenance and repair. Our Bentley specialists are experts in all Bentley repairs whether it is body work or other major services. Transmission/ gearbox problems are serious issues that can be a reason for an accident so you should Contact the Hytec Bentley shop to schedule a convenient consultation with one of our expert technicians. Our free inspection will help you to find the possible issues your car has.

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